The WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker

The WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker is here to help you make sure your text is unique. The Checker can detect plagiarism in your blog posts, articles, research pages, websites and much more. WhiteSmoke offers a fast, accurate and reliable service that scans billions of websites online to make sure your text is authentic.

Easy to use
just copy your text in.

Massive index
over 17 BILLION pages to scan

Incredibly fast and reliable

Using the WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker does not require a subscription, you only need to purchase credits in order to use it. The credit system allows you purchase the exact amount you need to check your text and not pay for anything extra. We offer the following packages:

1,000 Credits
20,000 Words, 80 pages
4,000 Credits
80,000 Words, 320 pages
10,000 Credits
200,000 Words, 800 pages
15,000 Credits
300,000 Words, 1200 pages